The Mathematics Department,North Carolina State University--北卡罗来纳州立大学数学系



  In the NC State Mathematics Department, a long tradition of excellent teaching and a supportive environment for students are paired with cutting-edge research across a broad spectrum of mathematics and its applications.

  The Department's size -- more than 60 faculty -- permits an unusual range of opportunities for students, as well as a high degree of personal attention. Our students enjoy a close-knit environment with all the resources of a major research university. The interdisciplinary opportunities in our program provide interested students with real-world experiences that prepare them well for the workplace. A state-of-the-art building, SAS Hall, built in 2009, houses the Mathematics and Statistics Departments.

  In recognition of the Mathematics Department's excellent teaching, 14 faculty members have been awarded membership in the NC State Academy of Outstanding Teachers. The Department's summer research programs for undergraduates are nationally prominent, and were instrumental in our selection by the American Mathematical Society for its 2010 Award for an Exemplary Program or Achievement in a Mathematics Department.

  Research strengths of the Department include the core mathematical areas of algebra, topology, and geometry, especially their connections to combinatorics, symbolic computation, and mathematical physics; core areas of applied mathematics, including matrix analysis, numerical analysis, scientific computation, probability, optimal control, ordinary, partial, and stochastic differential equations, and dynamical systems; and applications of mathematics to biology, finance, and industrial problems. Annual research funding exceeds $3 million, and supports numerous research assistantships for undergraduate and graduate students. Seven of our faculty have been honored as Fellows of national societies.

  The Department's Undergraduate Honors Program, which graduates 10-14 students per year, has served as a university-wide model for departmental honors programs. Thirteen graduates of our program have won National Science Foundation Fellowships to graduate school and, since 1994, seven of those have been to students going on in mathematics, ranking NC State 20th in the nation.

  At the graduate level, the Mathematics Department is involved in an unusually broad array of interdisciplinary activities. Our faculty currently provides the leadership for the University' s graduate programs in financial mathematics and biomathematics, and for the interdisciplinary Center for Research in Scientific Computation (CRSC). Our faculty also shares in the leadership of the University' s graduate program in operations research, the interdisciplinary Center for Quantitative Sciences in Biomedicine, and the NSF-funded Statistical and Mathematical Sciences Institute(SAMSI) in Research Triangle Park. We are heavily involved in all these programs.

  Ours is one of the leading U.S. mathematics departments in offering opportunities for graduate students to work on practical problems with industrial collaborators. In addition, Mathematics Department faculty, through CRSC and SAMSI, offer the Industrial Mathematical and Statistical Modeling Workshop for Graduate Students each summer, which brings about 35 graduate students to Raleigh from across the country to work in teams on problems posed by industrial collaborators.

  Our faculty's commitment to mathematical success for underrepresented minorities has been recognized by the American Mathematical Society's 2011 Award for Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference. Of all Ph.D.'s awarded to African-Americans by the nation' s top 100 mathematics departments in the 2000s, over 12% were earned in the NC State Mathematics Department.

  The Mathematics Department offers BS, MS and PhD degrees in mathematics and applied mathematics, with optional concentrations in computational and interdisciplinary mathematics at the PhD level.