The International Federation of Operational Research Societies(IFORS)--国际运筹学会联合会



  Elected by the IFORS Board of Representatives, Sue Merchant (IFORS Vice-President-at-Large) and I have taken on the great responsibility of leading IFORS from 2013 to 2015. We are fortunate to count on the invaluable advice and support of our immediate past president Dominique de Werra, our Regional Vice-Presidents Lorena Pradenas (ALIO), Ya-xiang Yuan (APORS), Elena Fernandez (EURO) and Michel Gendreau (NORAM), our former president and current Treasurer Peter Bell, our Secretary Mary Magrogan and our past president Elise del Rosario.

  You, the members of the Operational Research community that IFORS serves -researchers, scholars, professionals and practitioners – will constitute the biggest part of the events and activities to be organized and supported by IFORS. The following programs supporting the IFORS statutes and bylaws approved by the IFORS Board of Representatives on December 2009, will be the center of our attention in the next three years:

  1. Encourage and support the establishment of Operational Research national societies in countries where a seedling has already sprouted. Our vice-presidents will take upon themselves the task of tending these young trees.

  2. Support new societies in countries or regions that they may better appreciate Operational Research and the benefits it could bring to regional development.

  3. Help revitalize inactive Operational Research societies and revisit previous failed attempts to create new societies.

  4. Foster the quality and the circulation of the International Transactions in Operational Research (ITOR), the official scholar journal published by IFORS, whose impact factor appeared for the first time in the JCR 2011, supporting the journal to assume a prominent position among international publications focused on Operational Research. We will continue to rely on the excellent work developed by Celso Ribeiro as its General Editor.

  5. Support the publication and the circulation of the International Abstracts in Operations Research (IAOR), a historic flagship of IFORS that distinguishes our society and is very useful to our community. We will also continue to count on the devoted work of its Editor K. Preston White.

  We follow with particular motivation and interest the development of Operational Research in Africa. The number of workshops, summer schools, regional and international conferences in countries such as Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Kenya, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda illustrate the importance of Operational Research for the region. These meetings also show the tremendous efforts made by local groups to collaborate, get organized and foster the application of OR to regional development. IFORS will continue and enhance its support towards a stronger Operational Research in Africa.

  Lastly, I am pleased to introduce to you the leaders who had been entrusted to carry out these thrusts of the 2013-2015 IFORS Administrative Committee:

  Publications: Michel Gendreau ( Vice President, NORAM) Oversee the IFORS publications portfolio, which includes IAOR and ITOR. IAOR and ITOR are published commercially and generate revenue for IFORS; Tasks here consist of the customary activities associated with professional journals.

  IFORS News and IFORS Website: Elise del Rosario (Past President) Oversee the IFORS News and IFORS website, the tools by which the organization keeps its general membership informed of the activities of the organization and of its member societies. Conversely, these are the vehicles through which IFORS members may communicate with IFORS leadership and among themselves.

  Developing Countries: Sue Merchant (Vice President at Large) Oversee IFORS initiatives in support of the extension and expansion of OR in developing countries. In the past, these have included the ICORD, the Triennial Developing Countries Prize Competition, the regional initiatives in Africa, OR Teachers Workshop, management of the Developing Countries Section in the IFORS News.

  Meetings: Elena Fernandez (Vice President, EURO) Monitor preparations for IFORS-related meetings, specifically the Triennial and Special Conferences; review requests by other organizations for affiliation with their meetings.

  Education: Lorena Pradenas (Vice President, ALIO) Coordinate the development and implementation of IFORS educational outreach projects. Such projects undertaken in the past include the OR Crash Course Program, and the Educational Resources Website, which aims to classify educational materials available on the web and make them more accessible.

  IFORS Distinguished Lectures (IDL) and IFORS Tutorial Lectures (ITL): Ya-xiang Yuan (Vice President, APORS) Ensure that regional meetings feature IDLs and ITLs through coordination with the regional meeting organizers, a selection committee, and the speakers themselves. IFORS Regional Vice-Presidents: Lorena Pradenas, Ya-xiang Yuan, Elena Fernandez, Michel Gendreau

  1. Provide a close link between their regions and the AC ( Regional VP s relay regional interests and concerns to the AC, while explaining to the regions the initiatives and decisions taken by IFORS);

  2. Help encourage the formation of new societies in their regions;

  3. Assist in the management and decision roles of the Administrative Committee (AC);

  4. Undertake IFORS duties as may be assigned, such as chairmanship of regular and ad-hoc committees. (Regional VP s coordinate IFORS Scholarships within their regions.)

  I am looking forward to YOUR inputs and participation, for only then will IFORS achieve what it has set out to do.

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