International Linear Algebra Society(ISAL)--国际线性代数协会



  ILAS - The International Linear Algebra Society - was founded in 1989 as the successor to the International Matrix Group which was established in 1987. The general goal of ILAS is to encourage activities in linear algebra.

  ILAS aims to encourage and support existing groups and individuals active in organizing meetings and publications in all aspects of linear algebra. We have no intention of supplanting or competing with existing organizations, our entire purpose is international co-ordination, to assist the development of linear algebra. We may add new activities where and when desirable. We welcome activities in all applications of linear algebra and we desire a proper share for theoretical matrix analysis and abstract linear algebra.

  ILAS initiates, encourages and co-ordinates linear algebra meetings, and supports them by the means available, such as information delivery. ILAS Inaugural Meeting took place in Provo, Utah, USA, on August 12-15, 1989. You can check the list of ILAS Conferences for information on current conferences.

  ILAS' Education Committee handles undergraduate and graduate Linear Algebra studies. Among others, it operates a joint NSF- ILAS Project to Augment the Teaching Linear Algebra through the use of Software Tools (ATLAST). The project has offered several workshops in various places.

  ILAS awards The Hans Schneider Prize in Linear Algebra for research, contributions, and achievements at the highest level of Linear Algebra. You can check for the guidelines for the Hans Schneider Prize and the list of all Hans Schneider Prize winners .

  ILAS has constituted The Olga Taussky/John Todd ILAS Lecture, to honor Olga Taussky and John Todd for their many and varied mathematical achievements and for their efforts in promoting linear algebra and matrix theory. You can check for the guidelines for the Taussky-Todd Lecture and the list of all Taussky-Todd lecturers .

  ILAS publishes an electronic journal - The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra (ELA) . ELA is a refereed all-electronic journal that welcomes mathematical articles of high standards that contribute new information and new insights to matrix analysis and the various aspects of linear algebra and its applications. Articles are electronically submitted (to Refereeing of articles is conventional and of high-standards, and is being carried out electronically. Posting of articles is immediate following acceptance and filling out copyright forms. The editor-in-chief of ELA is Bryan Shader.

  ILAS produces and distributes IMAGE , a semiannual bulletin that contains essays related to linear algebra activities, book reviews, brief reports on conferences, ILAS business notices, announcements of upcoming workshops and conferences, problems and solutions, reports about particularly significant new journal articles and theses in linear algebra, and news about individuals (new positions, sabbaticals, leaves, etc.). IMAGE also contains signed opinion pieces and letters to the editor. Contributions for IMAGE can be sent to its editor-in-chief, Kevin Vander Meulen (

  ILAS operates ILAS-NET, an electronic news service. We transmit announcements of ILAS activities and circulate other notices of interest to linear algebraists. Announcements for ILAS- NET or request to be on the mailing list for ILAS-NET, should be sent to Sarah Carnochan Naqvi ( Subscription to ILAS-NET is independent of membership in ILAS and is free.

  ILAS has established the electronic ILAS INFORMATION CENTER (IIC). The system provides information on international conferences in linear algebra, on other linear algebra activities, on linear algebra journals, and on ILAS-NET notices. Organizations and individuals are invited to contribute information to this database. Information on how to use IIC can be obtained from the manager of IIC, who is Sarah Carnochan Naqvi ( You are browsing the IIC right now.

  Membership in ILAS is open to all mathematicians interested in furthering its aims and participating in its activities. More information about ILAS (membership, officers, activities, guidelines, etc.) can be found by browsing this website.