The Warwick Mathematics Society,University of Warwick(WMS)--华威大学数学学会



  WMS is group of students from the University of Warwick who share a passion for mathematics, or at the very least an interest!

  We run a weekly ' Maths Cafe' , where students can come to the maths undergraduate workroom to get academic support and free food and drink. We also provide a vast amount of academic resources, including lecture notes and revision guides for many modules. Also, we organise regular talks from both professional mathematicians and students.

  As well as the academic side, we run careers events such as talks from employers and CV workshops. We also run a variety of social events throughout the year. These include two big socials, ' the integrating factor' in week 3 and the maths BBQ /puzzle trail after exams in term 3, and a variety of smaller socials throughout the year like pub golf, meals out and laser quest.