Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences,Kyoto University(RIMS)--京都大学数学科学研究所



  Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS) was founded at Kyoto University in April 1963 with the aim of promoting research in the mathematical sciences throughout Japan.

  The current staff at RIMS consists of researchers (professors, associate professors, lecturers, and research associates ---about forty in all) and office personnel (over forty), as well as postdoctoral fellows and graduate students (in the masters and doctoral programs ---usually ranging from forty to fifty).

  Domestically, RIMS functions as a focal point for joint research among researchers in the mathematical sciences from all over Japan. In this capacity, RIMS hosts numerous short- and long-term domestic visitors, and frequently serves as a site for research conferences.

  In addition, RIMS is an active center of international joint research, and, as such, plays host to a steady stream of long-term foreign visitors. For the convenience of our foreign visitors, we have established International Research Support Office through which we provide various services for our foreign guests.