School of Mathematics,Institute for Advanced Study--普林斯顿高等研究院数学学院



  The School of Mathematics is an international center of research and postdoctoral training in many diverse aspects of mathematics including pure mathematics, theoretical computer science, mathematical physics and applied mathematics.

  The School frequently sponsors special programs. However, these programs comprise no more than one-third of the membership so that each year a wide range of mathematics is supported.

  Several years ago the School established the von Neumann Fellowships. Up to eight of these fellowships will be available for each academic year. To be eligible for the von Neumann Fellowships, applicants should be at least five but no more than fifteen years following the receipt of their Ph.D.

  The Veblen Research Instructorship is a three-year position which was established in partnership with the Department of Mathematics at Princeton University in 1998. Three-year instructorships will be offered each year to candidates in pure and applied mathematics who have received their Ph.D. within the last three years. The first and third year of the instructorship will be spent at Princeton University and will carry regular teaching responsibilities. The second year will be spent at the Institute and dedicated to independent research of the instructor's choice.