Research Institute for Symbolic Computation,Johannes Kepler University Linz(RISC)--林茨约翰·开普勒大学符号计算研究所



  Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (Institut für Symbolisches Rechnen) is an institute of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria.

  Symbolic Computation is for us

  algorithmic solutions of mathematical problems,

  realization and analysis of algorithms via computer science,

  applications in science, engineering, and industry.

  A Short History of RISC:

  1987 founded by Prof. Bruno Buchberger,

  1989 moved to the Castle of Hagenberg,

  1999 new director Prof. Franz Winkler,

  2005 new full professor Prof. Peter Paule,

  2008 RISC celebrates its 20th anniversary,

  2009 new director Prof. Peter Paule,

  2013 opening of the RISC extension building.