Math Lab,Utah Valley University--犹他谷州立大学数学实验室



  The Math Lab seeks to develop each student' s ability to understand and apply mathematical principles and knowledge through tutoring, resources, and programs, which are offered in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

  The UVU Math Lab is a drop-in study space dedicated to helping students develop their mathematical abilities and reduce mathematics anxiety. The Math Lab is a great place to work on homework, where tutors can answer questions as they arise. Additionally, students are welcome to discuss homework exercises with fellow students.


  1.Students check in and out using the self check out service.

  2.Textbooks, solution manuals, calculators, and other tools are available to check out while in the lab.

  3.The Math Lab has 10 computers available for students to complete computer-based homework assignments with software such as MyMathLab, WileyPlus, and PHStat.

  4.Appointments for private tutoring available.

  5.Please note that tutors cannot assist students with any take-home exams or make-up assignments which earn test credit.