ICSTR 2019 - 2nd ICSTR Malaysia – International Conference on Science & Technology Research


会议名称:ICSTR 2019 - 2nd ICSTR Malaysia – International Conference on Science & Technology Research




所在城市:The Regency Scholar’s Hotel






ICSTR - International Conference on Science & Technology Research

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Science for Sustainable Development

Climate Change, Climate Research, Geographic and Earth Observation Systems

Environmental Science

Pollution Control and Management

Water Resource Management

Social Safety, Process Safety and Hazard Management

Waste Utilization and Treatment

Sustainable Urban Development

Structural Sustainability

Green Chemistry and Sustainable Chemical Processes

Tools to plan, design and operate, integrated green technology

Matter, Materials and Metallurgy

Smart and Functional Materials

Green House Gases

Adsorption and Gas Storage Materials

Natural and Synthetic Products and Processes

Biology and Biodiversity

Biomass Conversions

Renewable Energy and Non renewable Energy

Fuel Conservation and Energy Management


Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming; Green Agricultural Technology

Food Safety and Organic Food

Nanotechnology for Sustainability

Biotech for Sustainability

Life-Cycle Assessment


Computation, Modelling and Simulation

Air, Soil, Water, Food, Health

Medicine, Life-Science, Bio-Medicines

Healthy/ Ageing Population

Healthcare provision, services and delivery


Ecological Sustainability

Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Information Technology

Green Manufacturing and Engineering

Sustainability and Green Information and Communication Technology and Smart Grids

Big Data

Management, Green Economy and Sustainable Economic Development

Sustainability Related Public Policy, Legislation, Laws and Regulations and Practice

Public-Private Partnerships

Innovative Green Technologies and Processes

Sustainable Strategies and Policies

Decommissioning – Best Practices

Industry Best Practices and Innovation

Cyber Security and Cyber Crime

Green Service Industry: Hospitality and Tourism