Mathmodels is COMAP’s new modeling website. On this site, students and faculty will find a wide range of interesting contemporary modeling problems. Teachers can assign problems. Students can choose to work on problems based on math topic and application area.

  We intend Mathmodels to serve as an important new resource to the mathematics community.

  For Teachers

  Use the problems in our modeling database to enrich your class or conduct your own math team competitions.

  Use the problems and articles in our modeling database to prepare your students for COMAP modeling competitions.

  Discover how our modeling resources can help you use mathematical modeling in your classroom.

  Recruit and advise individual students or a team to work on challenging modeling problems.

  For Students

  Work with others in your school and around the world on challenging modeling problems.

  Notify your teachers or professors about this Website and start the modeling tradition at your school.

  Check back here regularly to read the student solutions; get helpful hints and feedback from practitioners.

  Use our COMAP resources and modeling problems as quality references for your in-class presentations, extra credit, and other classroom projects.